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Professor Walker, Sara

"To my fellow rheumatologists in Pakistan: I am delighted to be a member of the advisory board and I want to help promote the cause of rheumatology.  The leaders who created this website are to be congratulated.  I am confident that the site will serve to inform and educate us about important issues for many years to come."


Professor Khan, Muhammad Asim MACP, FRCP

Professor of Medicine & Consultant
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,
Ohio, USA

One of the greatest achievements of the PSR, as the national organization of and for rheumatologists and allied health professionals in Pakistan, since 1996, is the recent recognition of Rheumatology as a subspecialty by the Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons. It is my sincere hope as an arthritis sufferer and a rheumatologist that the PSR would continue to strive to provide advocacy and national leadership, as well as practice support and coordination, to promote and improve the care of Pakistani citizens with or at risk for arthritis and related musculoskeletal diseases. Its mission also includes advancement of rheumatology through programs of education and promotion of research in order to enhance understanding and treatment of rheumatic diseases. I am pleased to tell you that I have embarked on a humble not-for-profit project (named after my parents) to promote education of rheumatology in Pakistan.


Dr. Gibson, Terence FRCP


Consultant Rheumatologist
Guys and St Thomas Hosptials, London, UK

"It gives me pleasure to write for the website of the Pakistan Society for Rheumatology (PSR).  It has been said that the past is a foreign country and this is no more so than for the PSR which began to take shape in 1992.  Its origins were an ecumenical group of Karachi clinicians who founded the Pakistan Rheumatic Society (PRS) in 1970 but whose parochial focus was unable to meet the national needs of the young specialty.  It was against this background that leadership in Islamabad and then Lahore promoted the PRS under new management and then by consent created the new society with its new name the Pakistan Society for Rheumatology (PSR).  The PSR has a remit to reach out to rheumatologists and all interested in the treatment and study of rheumatic diseases throughout Pakistan.   The Society is slowly expanding and as with all healthy, democratic institutions will evolve according to the needs and times of the specialty.  Much has been achieved and more has to be accomplished not least in consolidating the recent gains in accreditation of training programmes for aspiring rheumatologists, in expanding the service to all major conurbations and establishing a strong academic base in Pakistan's Medical Schools."


Dr Manners, Prudence

Chair of Paediatric Rheumatology Committee

Dear Friends and Colleagues of PSR 

When I visited Pakistan and attended a PSR conference, a small part of me was left behind in Pakistan forever. My hope is that I will be there again before too long.

May this website be a wonderful chance for new and old friendships to be affirmed, a place where the very latest knowledge of rheumatology is accessible to all, and where we can strengthen each other’s resolve in difficult times as our world becomes a smaller place.

Regarding the millions of precious children of Pakistan, I commend my colleagues of the PSR for the sure and steady progress in the care provided for children with rheumatological disorders whatever the circumstances may be.

To my treasured colleagues of Pakistan, congratulations on the establishment of the website! It will surely serve you well for the future.


Dr D’cruz, David MD FRCP

Consultant Rheumatologist
Clinical Director, The Louise Coote Lupus Unit
St Thomas' Hospital, London

I am delighted to see that the PSR is going from strength to strength and developing rheumatology as a specialist subject in Pakistan. I am always impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the participants at PSR meetings and I am sure the website will be a great success.


Prof. Handa, Rohini

President Elect APLAR
President Indian Rheumatology Association (2009-2011)

These are exciting times in Rheumatology as basic science catches up with bedside medicine. The volume of information available is increasing exponentially. Clinicians now have more tools to combat rheumatic diseases than ever before. The world wide web affords a powerful platform to harness technology to further the cause of our Specialty. The challenges in developing countries are manifold but there is also tremendous opportunity to offer better care to our patients within the context of a resource sensitive environment.

The PSR has spearheaded the propagation of Rheumatology in this part of the world and has achieved a place of distinction amongst the comity of member societies of APLAR. This has been possible due to the concerted efforts of PSR founders and members.

The launch of your website is a welcome step that will enable members to connect, interact and update, eventually leading to greater benefit to patients with rheumatic musculoskeletal disorders.

I wish you the very best in your endeavors.


Mrs Rehman, Shahima

Chairperson Executive Committee
Fatima Memorial System

One of the factors behind the worsening condition of our society is that we have given up pursuing dreams and lofty ideals. We have become cynical, disenchanted, and inactive. Dreams are the stuff that create within individuals and societies the will and the determination to set goals and then try to achieve them. People who say they have a dream, proceed to work day and night to translate them into reality. They raise the bar of personal toil and struggle, sacrifice and endurance, and succeed in making the seemingly impossible, possible. They raise the slogan "I have a dream" and chant "yes we can!" Such is the stuff that dreams are made of!

Rheumatic disease is a reality that confronts Pakistan and all other developing countries as a challenge in many ways. Lack of trained manpower and resources to combat this, being at the forefront. Congratulations are due to the indefatigable Dr Nighat Mir Ahmad and her dedicated team, who have demonstrated that dreams can be pursued and goals achieved.

On behalf of the management of Fatima Memorial, it is my privilege to congratulate the Pakistan Society of Rheumatology, and in particular Dr Nighat Mir Ahmad and her associates at the Division of Rheumatology at Fatima Memorial, for achieving a quantum leap in medical education, by obtaining recognition  by  the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan  for  starting Post graduate training in Rheumatology.

It is a singular honour for Fatima Memorial System to be a partner in achieving this pioneering milestone. This role model institution itself stands as an affirmation of the fact that dreams can be translated into reality. It is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the highly qualified individuals who have come together under its auspices over the years since its inception, bringing with them their own personal dreams and ideals, and working collectively to realize them. Fatima Memorial is in fact the sum total of the realization of many individual dreams and in the aggregate larger than all of them put together. It is therefore, a gift of the people of Pakistan, by the people of Pakistan, to the people of Pakistan. I wish the Pakistan Society of Rheumatology every success, and hope that with each coming year the outcome of our combined efforts will grow from strength to further strength! Ameen


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