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President Note


Prof. Kamran Hameed

Prof. Kamran Hameed MBBS, FCPS, FRCP(Edin), FACP
Dean Ziauddin Medical College,
Ziauddin University
Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist,
Ziauddin Hospitals, Karachi


The Pakistan Society for Rheumatology has indeed come a long way from its inception when its seed was laid down by few passionate rheumatologists to now when it has become a strong and vibrant body.  Over the years it has effectively utilized the expertise of medical specialist in rheumatology both national and international, to constantly improve awareness and education of doctors in rheumatology, ultimately translating into better care for their patients. It is indeed encouraging to see much fewer patients with deformities and disability than in the ‘80s and ‘90s; this is because of greater awareness both amongst patients, prompting better health seeking behavior, and early initiation of definitive treatment by the practitioners. More and more of Rheumatological conditions are now effectively managed in the out-patient setting; this is the result of both the technological advancement which allows for early recognition, and effective management in the outpatient settings by the practitioner. We feel pride in being an active agent in this major change.

Rheumatology is a rapidly growing field, which has moved from symptomatic treatment to targeted biologic therapy and multidisciplinary approach to treatment and diagnosis, the targets are no longer aimed at “good enough” but at complete remission, it is essential that the primary care physician is just as aware to be able to pick up early disease, initiate the essential treatment and make referrals appropriately when necessary.  The Rheumatologists need to work hand in hand with the surgeons, rehabilitation experts and a broad range of disciplines.


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