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22nd PSR International Conference




21st PSR Annual Conference - Pictures


20th PSR Press Conference



19th PSR Conference 2015 Pictures


19th PSR Conference 2015 Presentation: Talk by Prof. Asim Khan


19th PSR Conference 2015 Presentation: Mimics of Lupus


19th PSR Conference 2015 Presentation: Pregnancy and Rheumatic diseases


PSR Press Conference


18th Annual PSR Conference - First Announcment


17th Annual PSR Conference - First Announcment


16th Annual PSR Conference - Details and Pictures


15th Annual PSR Conference - Videos


14th Annual PSR Conference - Videos


13th Annual PSR Conference




Milestones Acheived by outgoing team of Office Bearers for 2010:

  • Development of PSR website
  • Contributed to the efforts towards getting Rheumatology recognized as a sub-speciality by the CPSP
  • Publication of RA guidelines
  • Patient awareness materials (Link to Patient Education Tab)
  • Recognition of FMH division of rheumatology, as a training center by the CPSP
  • Launching of Arthritis Care Foundation and its website by the PSR-lahore members (



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