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As Pakistan was approaching the half-century mark of its existence, a small group of doctors sowed the seeds of developing the sub-speciality of Rheumatology in the country; a development which other countries had been enjoying for the last several decades already.

Rheumatic diseases are the single largest cause of physical disability in all cultures of the world. The amount of working days lost due to such diseases and the consequent loss to the national and the patient’s domestic economy is huge. Thus far, the health planners in Pakistan have neglected this field in favour of concentrating on infectious and cardiac diseases. Perhaps the meagre health resources do not permit us to allocate funds to other ailments. These are trying times for our country and it falls upon individuals with a sense of national duty to chip in with their contributions. It is with this ideology that the Pakistan Society for Rheumatology was formed.

This website will provide you with more details about PSR, its Board and members and its events and purpose.


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